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Professional Physical Therapy

216 North 2nd Street
Amite, LA 70422

Phone: (985) 748-7878
Clinic Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday

Occupational therapy at Professional Physical Therapy

Occupational therapy is an important service provided by Professional Physical Therapy in Amite, in the heart of Tangipahoa Parish.  At PPT, our occupational therapy patients can expect personalized attention and the highest levels of service to ensure effective treatment plans and a better quality of life. Each client is different, so each plan and the results achieved through therapy will be unique as well.


Some of the common services provided over the course of occupational therapy include:

  • A free screening to determine the right course of action
  • Client-centered services designed around you, your needs, and your goals
  • Effective treatments that will produce results that improve your life
  • New ways to approach tasks
  • Recommendations for adaptive equipment
  • Home and jobsite evaluations
  • Developing, recovering, and/or maintaining skills depending on your needs and situation


Learn more about occupational therapy

In order to understand what occupational therapy entails, it is necessary to first explore the meaning of occupation in this context. Occupation does not refer solely to one’s job but rather to the myriad of processes involved in actively living life.  For example:   taking care of ourselves, taking care of other people, being socially active, being economically productive, and enjoying life.


This means that occupational therapy is concerned with the individual being able to function in at least five capacities:

  • Domestic activities such as cleaning one’s home and preparing meals
  • Work activities, both physical and mental
  • Leisure activities including sports or hobbies
  • Self-care such as personal maintenance, dress and hygiene
  • Community activities


Common diagnoses treated by Occupational Therapy

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, repetitive stress injuries, hand injuries, post-surgery hand conditions, elbow pain (tennis or golfer’s elbow), Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis.

If you are in need of occupational therapy services in Amite or Tangipahoa Parish, contact Professional Physical Therapy today and ask about our free initial screening.

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