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Professional Physical Therapy

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Sports Rehabilitation in Amite & Hammond, Louisiana

Professional Physical Therapy

If you have an injury as a result of sports activity, you may need to consult a professional sports rehabilitation specialist.  Professional Physical Therapy (PPT) offers sports rehab from our office in Amite, Louisiana as part of our overall rehabilitation services.

What is sports rehabilitation

Sports rehabilitation is a group of therapies designed to return the athlete to completely pain free sports participation. The goal is for the athlete to regain normal mobility. The sports rehabilitation team is often multi-disciplinary consisting of physical therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors and massage therapists. It does not matter if the athlete is a professional or amateur. Sports rehabilitation can work for all levels of competitive sports.

Types of injuries we treat

The most common injuries seen in sports rehabilitation are strains and sprains. When the ligaments are torn or overstretched, this is a sprain. When the muscle is torn or injured, this is a strain. Other conditions are treated through sports rehabilitation including fractures, arthritis, joint replacement and some general pain issues.

Treatment options

Treatment usually begins with pain management ordinarily given by a licensed physical therapist. Types of pain treatment include ice or heat application, ultrasound and electrical stimulation. Ultrasound increases circulation in the injured area, and that will speed up healing. Ultrasound can also reduce swelling or edema (fluid buildup in body tissue).

Electrical stimulation uses electrical waves to penetrate into the muscle and aid pain relief. Stretching and exercise routines are important in sport rehabilitation. Stretching helps lengthen muscles that have been shortened by injury or pain to help them regain pain free motion.

Exercise routines help strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance to improve performance. The finality of the exercise routine is to return the athlete to former and pain free performance levels. Exercises can be sports specific.

Athletic trainers can intervene immediately to begin the sports rehabilitation process. They can help prevent further injury and begin the healing process. Massage therapists can supply manual applications to help recover movement and offer pain relief to improve participation in the sport.

Chiropractors are also sometimes used in sports rehabilitation. They use manipulation techniques on the spine and soft tissue. They are also often trained in exercise and stretching techniques.

The healing process

The treatment process begins with treatment of the acute injury. It progresses step by step through the recovery process. It begins with pain relief, then optimizing muscle length and ends with pre-injury performance.

You can learn more about sports rehabilitation in Amite, Louisiana by contacting Professional Physical Therapy in Amite, LA.